Ice Creams

Classic Gelato



A delicious white vanilla ice cream made from whole milk and cream with added real vanilla.

Allergens: Lactose




Here, Italian-inspired ice cream is added with the taste of the Danish summer in the form of strawberries.

Allergens: Lactose




A beautiful Italian-inspired ice cream with the finest local raspberries.

Allergens: Lactose




Real Italian pistachios from Sicily have been added to this delicious gelato.

Allergens: Lactose, Nuts


Gelato al Cioccolato


A delicious Italian-inspired chocolate ice cream that is soft and delicious.

Allergens: Lactose


Cioccolato bianca

(White Chocolate)

A heavenly combination of Belgian white chocolate and delicious Italian-inspired ice cream.

Allergens: Lactose, Nuts



A delicious white milk ice cream with pieces of 70% single origin chocolate from Peru.

Allergens: Lactose, Nuts




Roasted hazelnuts add flavor to this gorgeous light brown Italian-inspired ice cream.
Serve it with strawberries or raspberries.

Allergens: Lactose, Nuts, Eggs



It's almost nostalgic when homemade almond croquettes are added to Italian-inspired milk ice cream. This ice cream brings most people back to the good old days.

Allergens: Lactose, Eggs & Nuts


Speciel Gelato


(Amarena Cherries)

A white ice cream with layers of delicious sweet Amarena cherries.

Allergens: Lactose


Menta e Cioccolato

(Mint ice cream with chocolate pieces)

A fresh white milk ice cream with mint flavor and added 70% chocolate.

Allergens: Lactose & Nuts


Stracciatella Fragola

(Strawberry Stracciatella)

A lovely strawberry ice cream with added pieces of 70% chocolate.

Allergens: Lactose & Nuts


Ribes Nero


An intense blackcurrant ice cream that will be perfect for your chocolate cakes.

Allergens: Lactose


Espresso e Cioccolato

(Espresso & Chocolate)

A flavor-packed ice cream made with freshly brewed espresso from Lavazza beans. The ice cream has added 70% chocolate pieces. This one is a must for those who love coffee.

Allergens: Lactose & Nuts




A beautiful blue ice cream, where the Italian-inspired milk ice cream meets Scandinavian blueberries.

Allergens: Lactose




A fresh lemon flavored ice cream.

Allergens: Lactose




An ice cream made from coconut milk and coconut. This can be enjoyed by those who cannot tolerate milk or are vegan.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)



Sorbetto alla Fragola

(Strawberry Sorbet)

A delicious fresh sorbet with strawberries. With a twist of lime, it becomes like a Strawberry Daiquiri.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)


Sorbetto al Lampone

(Raspberry Sorbet)

A nice red raspberry sorbet.

Allergener: - (Vegansk)


Sorbetto all'Arancia

(Orange Sorbet)

This sorbet with pressed oranges is basically yellow. However, it can also be made with blood oranges when these are in season.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)


Sorbetto al Clementina

(Clementine Sorbet)

A delicious fresh sorbet with pressed clementines.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)


Sorbetto al Ananas

(Pineapple Sorbet)

A delicious fresh sorbet with real pineapple.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)


Havtorn Sorbet

(Sea buckthorn Sorbet)


Naturally, the sea buckthorn sorbet is orange. It has a good acidity that can neutralize a bold dessert. Serve it if necessary. together with a delicious chocolate cake.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)


Sorbetto Kiwi e Arancia

(Kiwi and Orange Sorbet)

A delicious fresh sorbet with kiwi and orange. I discovered the inspiration for this combination in China, as a freshly squeezed juice. It works perfectly as a fresh sorbet, where the sweetness of the oranges perfectly balances the tartness of the kiwi. The sorbet has a nice light green colour.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)


Sorbetto al Lime

A delicious fresh lime sorbet, good for cleansing the palate after a meal.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)


Sorbetto al Limone e Basilico

(Lemon & Basil Sorbet)

A super fresh lemon sorbet with a twist of basil. Most people love this one, which is famous in Italy.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)

Citron med basilikum sorbet

Sorbetto al Mojito

(Mojito Sorbet)

Who Said Mojito? A delicious fresh lime and mint sorbet, which is delightfully refreshing. It may possibly served with rum.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)


Mele al forno con Cannella

(Baked Apple with Cinnamon Sorbet)

Apples baked with cinnamon are used for this lovely sorbet, which has a taste in the direction of a Crumble Cake.

Allergens: - (Vegansk)


Sorbetto al Prosecco

(Prosecco Sorbet)

Real Italian prosecco is used for this sorbet. Use it between your dishes to clean the tongue.


Prosecco Sorbet

Ice cream cakes

 We also make ice cream cakes to order

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so dont worry.

It may be possible
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